Henk Mulder maintains the development of ideas combined with the practical fit for making.  This has been based on a wide range of experience and projects including community buildings, sports facilities, multi residential sites for apartments, units, townhouses and rowhouses, residential projects, alterations and additions small and large.  Combined with strong interests in design, construction/making, drawing, the social context or community, and communication of detail, the application of intrinsic benefits of design, both seen and unseen form a part of the ongoing project works. This has included a jurors role for the Australian Institute of Architects and as a Referee for the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee.   

Henk presently develops Cornerstore architecture, for design, design management, drawing, construction, detail, community, and planning, with applied service.

From the ideas, collaboration, drawings and experience of built projects, towards an adaptable future that is resource conscious, climate-responsive, and with a positive connection to place all form part of the applied values.


Dr Rosemary Kennedy has a substantive background as an architect and design integrator in education and practice, which arises from a strong interest in the elements that establish good design for people.  Rosie’s great strength is the ability to integrate objective knowledge and creative intuition (science meets art) to investigate ways to solve problems, meet needs, and improve situations, practically and authentically.  Rosie is a passionate advocate for well-designed climatically-responsible cities for a liveable and just future. Her belief is that it is imperative that design skills are focussed on sustainability with resilience and beauty nurtured for the long term benefit of all.

Until recently, Rosie researched and taught at Queensland University of Technology Centre for Subtropical Design.

Currently Rosie has established the SubTropical Cities Consultancy to collaborate with planning, architecture and urban development organisations to complement their climate-responsive approaches to city design and architecture for humid tropical and subtropical places globally. Here too is a link: https://subtropicalcities.com

Rosemary's projects have won awards for both design and research, based on an acute and disciplined sensibility that proceeds from sustainable design for living. 



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