Renovation River Esplanade

Inner city suburb

Remodelling and creating a new site entry and multi-level living for a family with great interest in a wide range of criteria, including storage and connectivity. This is to match and exploit the quality of the site located by a river’s side.

Remodelling of the well established residence began at the entry and the interior with a new lower level linking to the river, constrained with not affecting recent outdoor and deck works. From the City Planning application and throughout the works on site, unique detailed solutions established a new and vibrant life for the existing residence. This included the site-specific and distinct roof form, a layered entry area that is open, ventilating and secure. External cladding systems were further developed in this project to achieve cost and construction efficiencies, based on using standard products in unique ways that provided bespoke finishes without onerous time or effort.

The provision of purpose specific areas in an integrated yet separable manner which could, if sought, allow for sightlines through the length of the residence from street-side spaces to the river established strong interior planning. Interior design developed with and around characteristics of the original residence to be retained and reused, from detailed cornice and ceiling works to arched silky oak room dividers.

Circulation evolves into family areas that are streamlined for use, animated with space and niche study or storage systems. These areas often diverted into secondary throughways, throughout.

Existing landscaping was retained and new recessed outdoor areas were built into the plan. Protected from wet weather despite being open to the north facing amenity, these deep recesses served as calmed and reflective areas, suited to minimal access links to selected rooms.

Colour, light, and pattern are featured throughout, with the main entry and central stairwell a powerful visual and functional focus. This is readily legible from the laneway off the main street, through to an internal role as a accessible node for data storage, drives, servers, all with featured artworks.

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