Remodeling and additions to existing residence

A 1920’s ‘Spanish Mission’ style house of solid masonry construction with external stucco finish in need of more living space, greater natural lighting and internal remodelling with improved interior planning. The current configuration of living space is that of many small separate rooms with connecting doorways. Again, the need for different places for family suited the criteria for the remodeled home design. A new addition to the rear of the building was developed with an internal reconfiguration to the existing house. The new pavilion incorporated a new kitchen and large living space with large amounts of glazing to the eastern side allowing deep penetration of ambient light into the house. A high raking ceiling has been maintained to add to the roomy, open feeling of the new addition.

Commenced with Steffen Tuck, Architect, we undertook to complete the concept for a new Casita with the original. The external screen to decks and living areas was separately commissioned after the project was completed. Comprising ten plywood panels, the sliding screen is supported outside the handrailing, and flexibly protects the interior to the East.

As the street side of the residence faces west, it was necessary to offer dappled light and visual separation to the facade, comprising the new bathroom and bedrooms of the building. This is achieved via a purpose built timber post and steel cable screen for the grapes to envelop, with multiple medium term benefits!

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