New Residence

Renovate or Demolish

Builder: Angus Cowan Constructions

The early stages of the new construction required a review of the existing home, its significant problems as well as its comforts. The critical question was whether retaining and renovating an existing 1950’s dwelling would provide desirable residential amenity within a budget, or with the demolition of the existing, would new work feasibly allow for a dedicated residence that would serve as a home for many more years with a vastly superior level of amenity.

The site is also significant in this project, with a managed bushland aspect to the south. The site in general is also distinct with a reduced building area available from a steep slope and a sharp triangular configuration determined by a cul-de-sac street location.

With making a new residence the priority and with regard to the important budget, the materials, site use and internal planning were defined and refined to establish a three storey residence on the sloping site with a number of flexible bedrooms, study, wet areas, linking to decks and outdoor spaces.

The resultant new home maximises the compact southern bushland aspect with feature glazing suited to both upper levels, with the third and lowest level deemed more private. Light and ventilation is distributed from the north via a central louvered stairwell, with sliding openings also mediating the summer sun and establishing diffused light and warmth to the whole interior. The relatively narrow and open building uses multiple access and openings to maximise the flexibility of use whilst ensuring separation or privacy criteria can also be achieved and benefit the residents.

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