Diverse Projects

We design, coordinate, direct and make large and small projects, buildings, things, insides and outsides, with people and resources. Your information and collaboration is developed with drawings, much discussion, and a variety of ideas and solutions.

Ideas are plentiful, its getting the ideas to work when they are made that takes real effort.

For a short time we’ll ‘workshop’ your project and site with you, for free, here at the Cornerstore, on a Saturday morning if you want, to see what can work best, and what may be involved next. Email or phone for an appointment.

With viable ideas and using relevant construction codes, we establish what the process and costs can be to best gain the benefits from new work and changing the existing.

Projects designed and made are diverse and include the following:

Residential. New homes and alterations, additions, renovations, and remodelling of existing residences and their interiors, including masterplanning and staged developments.

Multi-residential accommodation, including units and apartments, townhouses and rowhouses, small lot developments and sole occupancy subdivisions.

Community Projects..

Tourism, Leisure and Recreation..

Commercial and industrial places, new and refurbishments..

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